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Mark 10

1 And he got up, and went into the country of Judaea on the other side of Jordan: and great numbers of people came together to him again; and, as was his way, he gave them teaching.

2 And Pharisees came to him, testing him with the question, Is it right for a man to put away his wife?

3 And he said to them in answer, What did Moses say you were to do?

4 And they said to him, Moses let us give her a statement in writing, and be free from her.

5 But Jesus said to them, Because of your hard hearts he gave you this law.

6 But from the first, male and female made he them.

7 For this cause will a man go away from his father and mother, and be joined to his wife;

8 And the two will become one flesh; so that they are no longer two, but one flesh.

9 Let not that which has been joined together by God be parted by man.

10 And in the house the disciples put questions to him again about this thing.

11 And he said to them, Whoever puts away his wife and takes another, is false to his wife;

12 And if she herself puts away her husband and takes another, she is false to her husband.

The Apocrypha

Please note that, if you want a book from the Apocrypha (1 Esdras, 2 Esdras, Greek Additions to Esther, 1 Maccabees, 2 Maccabees, Tobit, Judith, Wisdom of Solomon, Sirach, Baruch, Epistle of Jeremiah, Susannah, Azariah, Manasseh, Bel and the Dragon) they are currently available only by choosing "Apocrypha - King James Version".

Other than Epistle of Jeremiah, you only need the first five letters of the book name (and actually, in some cases you can use just the first three or four, e.g. "Bel"). For the Greek Additions to Ester, you can use "Greek" as the book name. For Ecclesiasticus, please use its alternate name, "Sirach".