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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Daily Devotion for July 19, 2018

<i>Expulsion from the Garden of Eden (detail)</i>, by Thomas Cole, ca. 1828.
Expulsion from the Garden of Eden (detail), by Thomas Cole, ca. 1828.



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Lord’s Prayer

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever.


Russian Orthodox Prayer for Morning

Arising from sleep I thank thee, O holy Trinity, because of the abundance of thy goodness and long-suffering thou wast not wroth with me, slothful and sinful as I am; neither hast thou destroyed me in my transgressions: but in thy compassion raised me up, as I lay in despair; that at dawn I might sing the glories of thy Majesty. Do thou now enlighten the eyes of my understanding, open my mouth to receive thy words, teach me thy commandments, help me to do thy will, confessing Thee from my heart, singing and praising thine All-holy Name: of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit: now and ever, and unto ages of ages.


Prayer of Thanks for Patience in My Tasks

Lord, I thank you for teaching me how to live in the present moment. In this way I enjoy each simple task as I do it without thinking that I must hurry on to the next thing. I do what I am doing with all my ability and all my concentration. My mind is no longer divided, and life is more peaceful. Thank you for teaching me how to do this, and please help me how to show others the way to learn to trust you more completely and to do everything which has to be done at your time and your speed.


For Those in Pain

Holy Lord God, bless and uphold all who are sick and suffering this day. Console them with your Holy Spirit, and if it is your will, bring their suffering to a quick conclusion. In Christ’s name I pray,



May God the Father bless us; may Christ take care of us; the Holy Ghost enlighten us all the days of our life. The Lord be our defender and keeper of body and soul, both now and for ever, to the ages of ages.


(Additional prayers may be found at Prayers for All Occasions.)
God be with you 'til we meet again.

Today’s “Remember the Bible” Question

What Bible verse tells us, “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities”?

Answer: Romans 13:1

Passover, Exodus, <i>Gathering Bitter Herbs</i> by Dante Gabriel Rosetti, pastel ca. 1856.
Gathering Bitter Herbs by Dante Gabriel Rosetti, pastel ca. 1856.

John 7:18-19 (ESV)

The one who speaks on his own authority seeks his own glory; but the one who seeks the glory of him who sent him is true, and in him there is no falsehood. Has not Moses given you the law?

Blue Latin Cross

2 Samuel 20:1-10 (NLT)

Sheba Rebels Against David [Part 1]

There happened to be a troublemaker there named Sheba son of Bicri, a man from the tribe of Benjamin. Sheba blew a ram’s horn and began to chant:

“Down with the dynasty of David!
We have no interest in the son of Jesse.
Come on, you men of Israel,
back to your homes!”

So all the men of Israel deserted David and followed Sheba son of Bicri. But the men of Judah stayed with their king and escorted him from the Jordan River to Jerusalem.

When David came to his palace in Jerusalem, he took the ten concubines he had left to look after the palace and placed them in seclusion. Their needs were provided for, but he no longer slept with them. So each of them lived like a widow until she died.

Then the king told Amasa, “Mobilize the army of Judah within three days, and report back at that time.” So Amasa went out to notify Judah, but it took him longer than the time he had been given.

Then David said to Abishai, “Sheba son of Bicri is going to hurt us more than Absalom did. Quick, take my troops and chase after him before he gets into a fortified town where we can’t reach him.”

So Abishai and Joab, together with the king’s bodyguard and all the mighty warriors, set out from Jerusalem to go after Sheba. As they arrived at the great stone in Gibeon, Amasa met them. Joab was wearing his military tunic with a dagger strapped to his belt. As he stepped forward to greet Amasa, he slipped the dagger from its sheath.

“How are you, my cousin?” Joab said and took him by the beard with his right hand as though to kiss him. Amasa didn’t notice the dagger in his left hand, and Joab stabbed him in the stomach with it so that his insides gushed out onto the ground. Joab did not need to strike again, and Amasa soon died. Joab and his brother Abishai left him lying there and continued after Sheba.

Notes on the Scripture


o not confuse Sheba, the rebel, with the much more prominent Queen of Sheba, who appears later and has a romance with Solomon. Sheba attempts once again to split the nation into two parts, Israel to the north and Judah, where Jerusalem lies, to the south.

David then consolidates his faithful. Ten concubines, who had apparently slept with Absalom, are allowed to live in reasonable comfort, but are confined for life.

Amasa, whom David had to promise the generalship of his army in order to regain his throne, drags his feet when David orders him to assemble Judah for war. David could not have been happy about Amasa in the first place; Joab had served him faithfully and with great skill as the leader of his army. Certainly, David was even unhappier about Amasa when he failed to carry out his critical first assignment.

Do Not Cover

It is Joab's brother Abishai who gathers the army and marches them out of the city. When Amasa shows up to take over the army, Joab assassinates him, by his own hand. Joab was a tough cookie! Much is not stated. One might guess that David knew about this deed beforehand or even ordered it done, but then, Joab has been known to take affairs into his own hands before, in David’s service.

It is interesting to ponder civil rebellions in general. Christ markedly refused political upheaval, against either the Romans or the Jewish establishment. Indeed, the New Testament codifies this refusal as a commandment: Submit to the civil authorities. (E.g., Romans 13:1) Armed rebellion, even when in the service of the noblest cause, seems always to go astray.

As often as not, it lays waste to the society and changes nothing—the Jewish rebellion against Rome being an immediate example. And even if successful, it is undone by covetousness of power: there is always, in the end, a power-hungry person left holding the reins of government, who is even worse than the predecessor. We see, in our own lifetime, the greatest horrors of history following successful armed insurrection: Mao Zedong, Lenin/Stalin, Hitler, Robert Mugabe.

endless knot

Daily Inspiration

“ Being Poor ”

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Today in Daily Prayer

Memory Verse

Psalm 145:3: Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; And His greatness is unsearchable.

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Comments (11)

Topic: Daily Prayer and Christian Devotional
Jessie (Charlotte, US) says...
personally grateful the Lord knows everything I'm going to do before I do it for me I think he's the voice that tells me to do something or not do it and then at that point that is when Free Will comes into play because the Lord has spoke to you and told you whether or not you should do something it's a matter of learning how to listen which I admittedly still not the greatest at just because the Lord knows what you're going to do doesn't mean you didn't have to make a ... Read More
19th July 2018 10:32am
linda (winnipeg canada) says...
I'm with you Barbara todays inspiration is difficult to understand .3rd time reading it I think I now understand.
19th July 2018 9:47am
Barbara (Sevierville, US) says...
Linda, I am glad I'm not alone. I plane to read it again.
19th July 2018 10:29am
Ms. Carter (Baltimore, US) says...
Pray for Ms. Carter. She is a paraeducator. Her cell phone just died and she does not have enough money to purchase a new one and its package. Pray that God will come through; as He always does and blesses Ms. Carter with a cell phone.
19th July 2018 8:14am
Grace Bassey (New York, US) says...
Can I send a little token towards Ms Carter's cell phone purchase
19th July 2018 9:38am
Barbara (Sevierville, US) says...
My foggy early morning mind can't wrap itself around the daily inspiration this morning. I am going to need a cup of coffee or two then reread it. Laugh Pray for me.
19th July 2018 7:19am
Barbara (Sevierville, US) says...
Well, I have had my coffee and re-read the daily inspiration on free will by C.S. Lewis and it was much clearer for me but think I'll read again after my afternoon tea. Thank you, Mason, for poking my mind to work a little harder today.
19th July 2018 9:15am
Mason says...
To tell you the truth, I'm not sure it makes sense. But it is one interesting explanation of a question that may simply be incomprehensible to the human mind.
19th July 2018 10:03am
Barbara (Sevierville, US) says...
That makes me feel a lot less. . ."huh"? I will study on it.
19th July 2018 10:27am
Cheryl (Birmingham, US) says...
I am confused. Did the daily inspiration for July 19th start out as one thing, by you, Mason, and then change to a repeat of Jenny’s inspiration on “being poor” from the previous day? I think I glanced at the daily inspiration before I started my bible study, then when I went back to it, what I had seen earlier was gone and no matter how I tried navigating back and forth, all I could find for yesterday’s inspiration was a repeat of the day before’s. Also, I reread some of the comments ... Read More
20th July 2018 9:39am
Mason says...
I don't know how it got messed up but it's fixed now.
20th July 2018 11:45am
Donald Faulder (Lakeview, US) says...
The Indian Lake Baptist lakeview Ohio request that you all pray with us, we are building a new worship building, And are in need of a Ohio licensed electrician that will work with us, we have come so far, and are so thankful for all that God has done and I am sure He has someone out there that will help us.
18th July 2018 10:10pm
Linda (winnipeg canada) says...
Notes on scripture were so well written & the explained scripture reading helps me to understand it more clearly.Because of this site the Bible has become my favourite book again
18th July 2018 10:44am
Mike (Ringtown, US) says...
Mason, your comments today on John 8:12-20 (ESV) we’re so enlightening. Obviously you have found wisdom and understanding. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!!!
18th July 2018 10:34am
Jessie (Charlotte, US) says...
Money money money.I myself do not base my happiness on money nor do i base my faith on it either but like so many I pray all the time for god to bless me with enough to cover my family's monthly bills.most of the time there isn't enough. lord I humbly come to you today and pray lord for you're mursy and grace for us poor sinning Christians please bless us this day lord giving use the wisdom to put all our trust in you lord we know from the bible you will never give us more than we ... Read More
18th July 2018 9:50am
John (US) says...
My kids will be returning to school after the summer holidays and I'm foreseeing finincial difficulties ahead..Pleasebinclude me in your prayers..God bless!!
18th July 2018 7:08am
Silvana says...
Thank you Jenny ! what a beautiful daily inspiration!
18th July 2018 6:59am
Christine (Atherstone, UK) says...
God has given us another glorious day praise the lord.
18th July 2018 1:30am
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