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Relying on God, Not “Stuff”

Ave Maria, devotional painting by Grunwald


Whatsoever we have over-loved, idolized, and leaned upon, God has from time to time broken it, and made us to see the vanity of it; so that we find the readiest course to be rid of our comforts is to set our hearts inordinately upon them.

              ~ John Flavel


People get attached to the things in their lives. A photograph, a plate, a car, a house, a piece of clothing. Or it can be something less tangible, like a way of doing something.  The place where we live is very commonly something we get attached to.

But it is important to remember that these are just “stuff”. Once we trust God with “all our hearts, and all our mind, and all our soul”, the innate fear we feel at being separated from things is not necessary. Change is an absolute rule in life, and to fear change is to fear life itself.

But we have nothing to fear, if our trust in God is strong enough — not even death itself. How many times have we been fearful and anxious of a change in our lives, only to find that what we have is better than what we left behind?

Let your faith in God dissolve away your fear of change and your fear of loss. Have every confidence in your future, for you have the protection and love of the greatest thing in the universe.  And remember the lilies of the field; they toil not, neither do they spin.

If you are facing change, or loss of any kind, turn to God and ask Him to fill you with faith, and read the end of Matthew 6. For change will always come, sometimes as loss, sometimes as gain. But it will never affect the important thing in your life, which is your future in the Kingdom of God.