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A method of meditation for Christians

Rest for Your Soul


We are getting into the holiday season already — how fast time flies! I’m sure some of you (like me) have already started thinking about Christmas presents, Thanksgiving dinner plans, perhaps parties or family gatherings. Perhaps you feel, as I do, some element of dread or anxiety in addition to the wonderful celebrations of God’s love for us that give us so much joy.

But God has given us a way to simply dissolve away the stress. He has given us the words that show us the way; for example, the line from Psalm 65 — “Find rest, oh my soul, in God alone” — and again, right on this page, a line from our memory verse, Matthew 11:28-30 — “you will find rest for your souls”

These words can so easily slip our mind when we are focused on a task. Let’s all agree that we will not lose a great benefit of our belief: The ability to find peace in a chaotic and unpeaceful world. It is a miracle cure and so easy to do! Close your eyes for 30 seconds and just think or pray the words, “Find rest, oh my soul, in God alone.”

If you do this ten times a day — which at first blush sounds ludicrous — that is a total of five minutes. If you do it thirty times a day (!!) for 15 seconds, that is 7 1/2 minutes.

People spends hours each week and thousands of dollars solving anxiety problems; but the best treatment is free. Once our faith has reached a certain point of maturity, peace is ours for the asking. Those of you who have prayed through a great tragedy, or a great anger, to the point where you felt that glorious peace from the Holy Spirit, will know exactly what I mean. And if you don’t, it is a wonderfully rewarding goal to set.