Dry Bones, Zombies, and the “Son of Man”


When I was listening to the music for today – George Yount and the Cathedral Quartet singing “Dry Bones” – a light went off in my head. The quote from Ezekiel 37 has been nagging at me for weeks, for some reason, and it took a song that we put up as a bit of silly fun to really make the connection between Ezekiel and Christ. There is a lot of what you might call crypto-prophecy in the Old Testament, and this is one of the best examples. Ezekiel gives us an early model of what the Messiah would ultimately be and do, even though it is not directly as a messianic prophecy.

I realized that Ezekiel calling on the Lord to turn the skeletons into living people was exactly how I feel about having Christ in my life, and having the Holy Spirit breathed into me. I’m not talking about an academic recitation of the many times Christ says “I am the life”, but a real personal, emotional experience of becoming someone new and more alive.

Moreover, Jesus often referred to himself as the “Son of Man”, something that my Bible study group has been talking about in connection with John 9 recently. It really connects him even more closely with Ezekiel and the dry bones story.

You can easily think in terms of people who have not found God as lifeless skeletons, who become fully alive, who realize their own humanity only by the breath of God that comes from the Holy Spirit. I wonder if the popularity of zombies — in books, movies, tv, etc. — has something to do with the increasing prevelance of atheism in the world. People are searching for meaning in life and realize they are missing something important, and yet, they reject Christianity. They are like zombies who seem to be wandering aimlessly, searching endlessly for something but not even knowing what it is they are searching for.

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