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June 21, 2018

Run to God!

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

~ Romans 6:23

Jan and Butch took their daily walk along the beach. The fresh sun-drenched breeze, the spray from the blue waters, the squawking of the seabirds, and the scent of the salt air is a refreshment for the soul. So hand in hand they walked together, filling up with God’s goodness.

Jan spotted something in the sand that seemed out of place. She ran to get a peek. It was a baby sea turtle, on his back. With legs flailing, he found himself in a dangerous predicament. Somehow the waves were too strong for him to get out to his destination: the reef.

Mother sea turtles lay their eggs in a self-made hole, up on the sandy beach. When the eggs hatch, the babies scurry with all their might, straight to the water. It is an instinct that was given to them by God. They do not have the capacity to know all the details of where they are going, or how they get there, they just follow the behavior that was given to them. Staying on the beach would mean certain death.

Sometimes, we hesitate and are afraid to get off the beach of our life. We remain in place, afraid to even move. We can feel the sand of sin, slowly sinking our feet into its captivity. We are oblivious to the fact that what we think is secure, is really a place of hazardous death. The seabird, (Satan) would love to gather us up in his beak. He would love to devour us.

To those who feel like there is some instinct inside you that is telling you to move now, I say, “Run! Don’t stop or hesitate. Don’t look back. Run to God with all your might.” When you come to him, He will bathe you in His forgiveness. He will fill you with His love. He will refresh you with sweet peace. He will give you safe harbor. He will bring you from death, to life.

Jan and Butch knew that it was forbidden to touch a sea turtle, but Jan’s soft heart would not allow him his fate at this time. She lovingly turned him upright, took him out as far as she could in the water, and released him to freedom. Then they said a prayer in their heart, “God, please protect and save this little one.”

What happened to the little turtle? We will never know, but we can know for sure that one who comes to Christ will never be turned away. God will scoop us up in His loving hands, will turn us upright, and will give us eternal freedom. He gives us life . . . abundant life!

Dear Savior, Thank you for saving us from certain death. Amen

~ Jenny Calvert

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