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March 8, 2015
Psalm 27:14

The Waiting Room

“Don't be anxious about tomorrow. God will take care of your tomorrow too. Live one day at a time.”

~ Matthew 6:34

Henry G. Bosch related a story about a Christian lady who was very downcast because of her earthly troubles. The story went rather like this: As she was walking along the street she met a Spirit-led man of God who asked her the state of her soul. With a sour look and a bitter shrug of her shoulders she replied, “Oh, not too bad, under the circumstances”. With his characteristic frankness and discernment he aptly replied, “Well get above the circumstances, sister, that's where Jesus is”.

Another example of how to “get above circumstances” is in Psalm 13. David prayed to the Lord for relief from his anguish. David and the Christian lady had something in common and that was that they both were “very downcast” because of earthly troubles. The difference being that David went directly to the Lord to affirm his trust in Him, and the lady needed a person to come along her side to steer her back to the Lord.

Millie Stamm related a story about herself from a number of years ago. The surgeon informed her that she had to have surgery; she didn't realize it was serious until he told her: “There is a big possibility that you won't come through”. Stamm had to face the fact that her life “might soon be over”. Her surgery was a month away. In the interval, she had the choice of rushing around to see what she “could do in that short time”, or commit “her time and life to the Lord” and go on with her regular schedule of what God had given her to do. She chose the latter and went about God's business.

Because today's society is living in an age of “instant” everything, it is difficult to sit patiently in God's waiting room. God doesn't always act immediately. His schedule is not always the same as ours. Abraham had to wait for 25 years after God's promise before Isaac was born. Joseph had to wait 13 years before he was set free and put on the throne. Could it possibly be that many people do not sense Jehovah Shammah, (“He is already there”), in the waiting room?

The three examples of godly people are in a sense much the same because they all were experiencing challenges and were in God's waiting room, however they approached their “circumstance” differently.

Warren Wiersbe stated: “The hardest thing to do is to wait on the Lord. But we can if we will trust Him and rest on His Word”. When you are experiencing heavy “circumstances” and are sitting in God's waiting room, be confident that God's people have the assurance that “He is already there” to provide strength and hope to “get above the circumstance”.

Lord God thank You for Your promises to rely upon. Help us to constantly trust You and rest upon Your Word. Amen.

~ Ann Brock Ludington

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