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July 4, 2017

The Faith Of A Child

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

~ Matthew 18:3

This morning, on my knees, I asked God, ”What do you want me to write about today? Show me Lord and I will be your vessel.” When I got up, I went to my computer, still not knowing the words He was going to give me. My beginning title was, Pretend Faith,, but then God answered, and my title changed.

I heard a knock, knock at the front door. I went to answer, and there was my little 5-year-old grandson, his hand clasping a wad of dollar bills. He did not speak one word to me, but marched straight to his grandpa’s big money jar, and put his wadded bills in there. He was going to march straight out without a word, but I grabbed him, picked him up, gave him a kiss, and said, “I am so proud of you, and God is too. God is watching you, and you just made Him smile. Grandma will remember this.” I put him down, and he marched right back to the car where his mother was waiting, without a single word spoken.

You see, the night before, he had stolen money out of that jar, and his mother caught him. She made him put all the money back. He did it in two trips, because he also found some money hidden in his pocket. I told him on his second trip, that God did not like stealing, however because he was being obedient, I would reward him and that I loved him for being honest. I also told him that anytime he needed money, just to ask, and we would be happy to supply his need. So, this morning, I assumed he was returning more money he had taken. That was not the case.

His mother came to me and said, “You know that was not your money he was returning this time. He collected his own money, and said he wanted to put it in grandpa’s jar.” His mom told him he did not have to do this, but he insisted.

I’m not really sure of his intentions. He may have thought about making God happy, but more than likely he was thinking of his reward. Either way, it’s perfectly fine with me, and his actions were oh so cute. I would have given him any amount he needed. Grandpa and I love him so much.

I think God looks at us like that at times. We steal money, time, love, service, and devotion from Him when we do not give what rightfully already belongs to Him. He sees us sheepishly come back with our hands wadded with our things, giving it back to Him, admitting our erroneous ways. He loves us so, and He does reward us for our obedient hearts.

So God’s devotional today is, come to Him! Give Him your heart. That is the first and foremost thing He wants. He loves us. He wants our love. He is not asking for much, as He gave His all when He sent His Son Jesus, to die on the cross, taking the punishment we deserved. March in to Him without one word spoken. He can hear the groaning of your heart. He will scoop you up in His arms and tell you He loves you, He’s proud of you, and He has a reward, just for you! Come with the faith of a child to Him!

Dearest Jesus, Thank you for taking my punishment. I do love you. Help me to show that love to others. Amen

~ Jenny Calvert

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