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December 19, 2017

Wrapped In Love

So the Lord’s promise came true, just as the prophet had said, “A virgin will have a baby boy, and he will be called Immanuel,” which means “God is with us.”

~ Matthew 1:22-23

I wrapped my new baby boy, born at Christmas time, in the soft white blanket from the hospital. He was perfect in every way. All his tiny fingers, and toes were there for my inspection, and he had a small bit of fuzzy blond hair on top of his head. I lifted him to my nose, and took a deep breath of his sweetness. I pressed my lips to his soft cheeks. I was in love with this new precious package. No other gift was needed this Christmas.

Many years ago, another baby boy was born to a woman named, Mary. She went through the pain and suffering of childbirth. She spilled water and blood from her body, and at the end of this suffering was the gift of a precious baby boy. I am sure she checked all his little fingers, and toes. She swaddled him in cloths, and lifted him to her lips for a kiss. She was in love also. This baby was truly perfect in every way, not just his outward appearance, but his soul and spirit. He was spotless and would remain that way all though his life. Mary named him, Jesus, and He would be the Savior of the world. He was the chosen one, the one who fulfilled the prophecy of the Old Testament of the coming Messiah.

He was the gift of love from the Father above. He was the son, but He was also the Father, the Father was in Him, and He was in the Father. It’s difficult to understand, but that is exactly who He was and is. Mary, on the day of His birth, did not fully understand the pain and suffering He would eventually endure out of His love for us. On that day, she was just celebrating a new life, given to her from God. A miraculous birth, because Mary was still a virgin, and the seed which had been planted in her, was from God.

Mary released her son, to do the job He came to accomplish. She wept, watching her baby boy, the one she held close to her breast, the one she swaddled and rocked, die on that cross. She would never touch His face or run her fingers through his hair. Her pain on that day, was unbearable. She heard her son’s cry of agony, and His final word to His disciple, “Woman, behold your son. Son, behold your mother.” No one loves a child, as much as a mother who has given her life to bear one. And no one loves like the Son, who has willingly laid down His life for others.

So our gift from the Father of love, is twofold. First, we have a woman, who was willing to give her body, and sacrifice her reputation, to say yes to the call of the Father. She did this out of her love for the Father, and the love of her Son, which resulted in a sacrifice of love for all mankind. Second, we have the Son, who came as a baby, but spilled His blood and water, relinquishing His life for the salvation of the world. He offers us this perfectly wrapped gift of love; a gift of forgiveness, redemption, and abundant life. He waits patiently for us to accept. There is no greater gift of love than this. Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift. 2 Corinthians 9:15

Dear Father, Thank you for your unspeakable gift. Amen

~ Jenny Calvert

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