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June 11, 2019

Deep Blue Ocean

God thunders with His voice wondrously, doing great things which we cannot comprehend.

~ Job 37:5

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching a series on television called Blue Planet II. I recently learned something new; there are lakes deep in the ocean beds. These areas are called brine lakes because the salt is so heavily concentrated this water sinks to the bottom of a pit. It is surrounded by a mineral dam inhabited by mussels and other sea creatures that thrive off the high levels of methane. It is an amazing thing to see, and I sit with mouth agape in wonder at God’s creation. It never ceases to stun me.

It is told that a global map of the ocean floor is less detailed than a map of Mars. Very specialized equipment is used to explore the underwater abyss. The equipment has to be extremely durable to withstand the great pressure that exists there. Scientists are finding that much life is capable of flourishing even in this extreme condition; however, the brine lakes will kill and preserve all life that falls into its deadly waters.

If, in eternity, I were allowed to see all the mountains, valleys, caves, skies, plants, and creatures which God created on every planet in the universe, it would take an eternity. This eternity would be one of praise to Him in His glory--His magnificence revealed in His creation. The Bible says that the morning stars sang and the angels shouted for joy when the first foundations of our planet Earth was laid by the hands of God. (Job 38:7) Can we even imagine this beautiful chorus of song as God’s hands formed all of creation?

God looked at all He created and said, “This is good, very good.” His creation is perfect. I am amazed by the work of His hands which is far beyond the grasp of my limited understanding. I am dumbfounded by all the many creatures which inhabit this place. I am spellbound with Earth’s beauty. I am speechless by God’s wondrous glory. I am grateful beyond all measure. I can imagine praising His holy name for all eternity.

We cannot praise You enough our Holy Father, for all the mighty works of Thy hands. Amen.

~ Jenny Calvert

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