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October 10, 2019

Finding Home

But according to His promise we are looking for new heavens and a new earth, in which righteousness dwells.

~ 2 Peter 3:13

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is an amazing form of technology. This free service to the world comes from the United States Air Force Space Command. There are three components: a ground station, a satellite, and a receiver. We receive the information of our location through a cell phone, computer, watch, GPS device, and other smart devices. When we need to know how to get from point A to point B, these receivers will give us the information for the best route to take, the distance, and the approximate time of travel. The GPS guides people with successful accuracy.

As wonderful as the GPS is, we still have paths to choose in our lifetime. God gave us the ability to make choices, and even though we go to Him in prayer for direction, the answers are not always as clear as a GPS; however, there are some things that we can know for sure.

Christ, like our ground station, came to earth in the form of flesh and blood. He would speak the words and do the will of the Father, the satellite, and He would be the salvation for the world. This free-of-charge gift is for us, the receivers. God instilled His prevenient grace into the hearts of all mankind. Some recognize this and accept this gift. Unfortunately, not all use the saving grace of God through Christ Jesus. These are those who are wandering, lost in the darkness of sin.

If we saw a man on the street with a working smart phone in his hand and crying out, “I need to call home. I need to call home. Help me!” would we not show him the power of what he holds in his hand? Would we not teach him how to dial the numbers to call home?

People are crying out to find home. We as Christians need to point them to this amazing grace that would give them true direction. They are the receivers who do not grasp the powerful gift inside them. It would be like owning a receiver, such as a cell phone, and never using all its amazing applications. We need to just point them in the right direction.

All paths in life are not always clearly marked, but one path is for sure. The path of salvation is clearly marked by the nail prints in the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. The cost to us is free, but the way, paved by the blood of God in the flesh, was indeed costly. Do we just watch people die in their hopeless wanderings, or do we mercifully show them the true direction they can utilize when they recognize the Savior, Jesus Christ? In Christ, where righteousness dwells, they can know the way home.

Dear Lord, Help me to point people on the path of salvation through Jesus Christ. Amen.

~ Jenny Calvert

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