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Devotion for December 13, 2018 - Page Two

This Week's Memory Verse

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

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Topic: Daily Prayer and Christian Devotional
MRC (Batavia, US) says...
Thank you, Jenny, for today's Daily Inspiration, "A Christmas Carol." Very enlightening! Also, "Ebenezer" means, stone or rock of help, as Samuel placed a stone at a place of the same name, in commemoration to God at the defeat of the Philistines. As we see in the story, old Scrooge finds redemption with the help of the "spirits," and lives the rest of his life in the Spirit all the days of the year. This has ALWAYS been my favorite Christmas movie, with ... Read More
Today 7:25pm
Mike Broaddus (Kettering, US) says...
Wonderful description Jen,I need to quit peeking out from under that cloak,there is nothing but a lot of trouble I see... always love your words of encouragement..
Today 7:16am
Cindy Jones (Vinton, US) says...
Thank you, Jenny for the "Christmas Reality Checklist". It touched my heart and soul, all the activities had gradually become a burden. I am letting our God draw the line.
11th December 2018 1:15pm
Michelle (St. Paul, US) says...
Thank you Jenny, for today's Daily Inspiration! Simplicity and ocus on Jesus is my goal for the Season and your message affirms this! Thanks to all at Daily Prayer as it has become a lifeline for me! Merry Christmas everyone!
11th December 2018 10:10am
Brian (Canada) says...
The Morning “Lorica” (Prayer) of Saint Patrick
love this prayer, thx
11th December 2018 7:53am
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