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Fri, July 12, 2024
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2 Thessalonians 2

Daily Prayer New Testament

American Bible

DP Literal Translation

Column 1

1-2 There is a lot of nonsense being circulated about the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We know you are eager to join Him, but we implore you, pay no attention to these rumors. If you hear somebody making speeches or prophecies – or if you get a letter that purports to be from us! – telling you the Day of the Lord has arrived, ignore it. Do not let it upset you.

3-4 Here is how you can tell these rumors are false. Before the Day comes, there will be a noticeable falling away from the faith. Then a man who acts above the law, who exalts himself even above all objects of worship (both true and false) and who actually seats himself in the temple of God, will come into great prominence. He will proclaim himself to be a god.

5-6 I have told you about this before. The mysterious forces of lawlessness are already at work, but God holds them in check for the time being, until the proper time comes for them to be revealed.

7-12 Then and only then will this creature of Satan, the Son of Destruction, arise from your midst to work all sorts of phony “miracles” and evil deceptions. He will lure those destined for destruction to their death. God will send bouts of delusion to people who delight in wickedness, instead of loving the truth that would save them, to ensure that they are deceived.

8 And when this man’s wretched work is accomplished, Christ will destroy him. By the breath of His mouth and by the sight of His face, Christ will destroy him.

13-14 This is why we give thanks to God for you every day, beloved brothers and sisters. He has chosen you to be the first fruit in the vineyard of salvation. By your holiness in the Spirit and your faith in the truth, God calls you. Through the Gospel, you gain the glory of Christ Jesus.

15-17 So stand firm! Hold fast to the teachings we have given you in our letters and sermons. And may God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, who have given us eternal comfort and hope by their grace, strengthen your hearts. Be encouraged by them in every good word and deed.

Column 2

1 Now we ask you, brothers, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our coming together with Him, 2 that you not be quickly agitated or frightened by prophecy, or speech, or a letter purporting to be from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has arrived.

3 Let nobody deceive you in any way: if the falling away has not occurred first, and the lawless man, the son of the destruction, has not been revealed, 4 who is opposed and self-exalted above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he seats himself in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God.

5 Do you not remember me telling you these things while I was still with you? 6 And now you know what is restraining him, so that he will be revealed when his time comes. 7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work, only held in check now by He who restrains him, until he arise from the midst.

8 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will destroy by the breath of his mouth and abolish by his appearance at his coming, 9 and whose coming is the work of Satan, in all power and signs and false wonders 10 and with every wicked deception for those who are dying, who did not instead welcome the love of truth in order to be saved.

11 And because of that, God sends them bouts of delusion so that they believe the lies, 12 that might be judged all the not believing in the truth but delighting in unrighteousness.

13 So we must always give thanks to God about you, brothers beloved by God, that He chose you to be the first fruits of salvation, in the holiness of the Spirit and by faith in the truth, 14 and to which He called you through our Gospel: to gaining the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

15 So, brothers, stand firm; hold fast the teachings we have handed down to you, whether in speech or by our letters. 16 And may our Lord Jesus Christ and God our Father, who love us and have given us eternal comfort and good hope by grace, 17 encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good word and deed.

Column 3

1 Now we ask you, brothers, concerning the coming of the lord of us Jesus Christ and us aOr of us, i.e. our. assembling with him,

2 that not quickly to be shaken you out of the mind and not to be frightened neither by b Lit. through. spirit nor through word nor through letter as if through us, like that c Idiom, as if; alt., to the effect that. has arrived the day of the lord.

3 Let no one you deceive in any manner that if not has come the moving-away dOr falling away or rebellion; first and has been revealed the lawless man, the son of the destruction eOr (as usually translated) the son of destruction.,

4 the being-opposed and being-self-exalted above every being-said god or object of worship, such that him in the temple of god to be seated, proclaiming himself that he is god.

5 Not remember you that still being with you these things I was saying to you?

6 And now the restraining you know, so that to be revealed him in the of himself time.

7 For the mystery already is at work of lawlessness. Only the restraining one now until from midst he become f .

v7 – [i] Lit. arise or even be; Alt., until he is taken out of the way; alt., until it becomes from midst. This verse is difficult and the intended meaning is, in part, educated guesswork - that God is restraining the son of destruction until he arises from the midst of us.

8 And then will be revealed the lawless, whom the lord Jesus will destroy by the breath of the mouth of him and will abolish by the appearance of the coming of him,

9 of whom is the coming according to work of Satan in all power and signs and false wonders

10 and with every deception of wickedness for the being-destroyed, in place of which [j] the love of the truth not they received in order to be saved them.

v10 – [j] Alt. because.

11 And because of this sends to them god activity of delusion so that [k] them to believe in the falsehood,

v11 – [k] Or with the result that.

12 that might be judged all the not believing in the truth but delighting in unrighteousness.

13 And we are obliged to give thanks to god always about you, brothers beloved by lord, that chose you god to be first fruits [l] of salvation in holiness of spirit and faith of truth,

v13 - [l] Irreconcilable split in Gk. texts; some have from beginning, and either could be correct. First fruits would seem to be better grammatically.

14 and to which called you through the gospel of us, to acquisition of glory of the lord of us Jesus Christ.

15 Therefore then brothers, stand fast, and hold fast the handed-down-teachings [m] which you were taught whether by word or by letter of us.

v15 - [m] Or traditions; the word means teachings that have been passed along or handed down – English has no precise equivalent.

16 And himself the lord of us Jesus Christ and the god the father of us, the loving us and giving comfort [n] eternal and hope good by grace,

v16 [n] Or encouragement;

17 encourage of you the hearts and strengthen in every work and speech good.

v1 – [a] Or of us, i.e. our.

Quickie Key (Text)

1. Italicized words are implied but not spelled out in the Greek.

2. Words are kept in original order, with rare exceptions.

3. Omissions are not noted and do not affect meaning.

4. Hyphenated terms represent either a single Greek word that must be translated as a phrase in English, or an adjectival phrase that has been moved in front of the noun it modifies (the not-knowing-god Gentiles) or both (the being-left-behind living).

Key (Footnotes)
1. or = indicates an alternate, equally sound translation.
2. alt. = alternately. A reasonable alternate translation, but the one given is slightly more sound.
3. poss. = possibly. A possible translation, but not as sound as the one used.
4. lit. = literal or literally. Used in cases where idiomatic English is used in the text, because it is simply too difficult to glean the meaning from direct translation.
5. by extension = indicates a meaning that is correct and fully understood in Greek and will be found as a meaning in a Greek-Engish lexicon, but was not the original meaning of the word. For example, the original Greek word unseen had been extended to mean unexpected by the time the NT was written.
6. by transfer = identical to “by extension”, but with a greater jump in meaning. Often an abstraction from a more concrete term.
7. most lit. = an older, more literal meaning; used when a Greek extension or transfer is given in the text. The opposite of “by extension/transfer,” i.e. the extended meaning is given in the text.
8. idiom = English meaning of a difficult Greek idiom. I.e. “not not” in Greek means “definitely not” in English. We translate the raw Greek “not not” and indicate the idiomatic meaning by footnote.
9. per ______ = an authority has another primary meaning; generally BDAG, Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament (3d ed.)
10. fyi = for your information; something that the reader might find interesting, not directly relevant to this translation.