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Fri, July 12, 2024
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2 Thessalonians 3

Daily Prayer New Testament

American Bible

DP Literal Translation

1-2 We ask you also, brothers and sisters, to pray for us. Pray that the Lord’s word will spread quickly and will be honored among others as it has been among you. Pray that we might all be rescued from perverse and wicked men.

3-5 We have confidence that you will continue to follow the Gospel we have given you; this in turn gives us confidence that God will give you strength and guard you from the evil one, and from the unfaithful men in his clutches. Be assured that God is faithful to those who love Him. May He direct your hearts straight to His love and the perseverence of Christ.

6-10One thing you must do is to avoid people who do not follow the teaching we gave you. We tried to show you how Christians should behave, by exmple, when we were with you. We did not eat without paying for our food, and we worked day and night that we should not be a burden on you. This is our rule: Anyone who can work, but won’t, doesn’t eat.

11-12We bring this up, because we have heard that there are idle people among you who, instead of working, spend their time meddling in the affairs of other people and God. They stand around speculating about theology and gossiping. We require such people to be quiet, get to work, and eat their own bread.

13-15As for yourselves, you must never become discouraged in doing good. But this does not mean laxness. Refuse to associate with anyone who will not follow this epistle, to shame him. Don’t be mean to him, but admonish him like a brother. He is not your enemy.

17And in closing, I want to point out that the greeting in this letter is in my (Paul’s) own hand, which I write as a mark in every epistle.

16-18May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, be with all of you. And may you know His peace in every thing and in every way.

1 Finally, brothers and sisters, pray for us, that the word of the Lord might spread quickly and be glorified, just as it has been with you,
2 and that we might be rescued from perverse and wicked men, for not everyone is faithful.
3 But the lord is faithful, and He will give you strength and guard you from the evil on.
4 For we have confidence in the Lord about you, because you follow and will continue to follow our teachings.
5 And may the Lord direct your hearts straight to the love of God and the perseverance of Christ.
6 And we also charge you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to avoid disorderly brothers who do not follow the traditions they received from us.
7 You know yourselves how you should follow us, for we were not idle or disruptive among you
8 nor did we eat without paying anyone, but by labor and hardship, night and day, working so as not to burden any of you.
9 not because we did not have a right, but in order that we ourselves might be a model for you to imitate.
10 For even when we were with you, we taught you that anyone who doesn’t want to work, doesn’t eat.
11 For we hear that some among you are disorderly, working at nothing, but instead meddling where they should not.
12 We exhort and command such people, in Lord Jesus Christ, that they work in quiet and eat their own bread.
13 And you, brothers, must not become discouraged in doing good.
14 And if anyone does not obey you in fulfilling this epistle, mark him as one with whom you will not assocate, to shame him,
15 but do not treat him like an enemy; rather, admonish him as a brother.
16 And may the Lord of Peace Himself give you peace, in every thing and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.
17 The greeting is in my own hand - Paul’s - which I write as a mark in each epistle.
18 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with all of you.
1 The rest [a] pray, brothers, concerning us, that the word of the lord might spread quickly [b] and be glorified just as already with you,
2 and that we might be rescued from abnormal [c] and wicked men for not of all the faith are [d].
3 But faithful is the Lord, who will strengthen you and will guard from the evil.[e].
4 For we have become confident in lord about you, because [f] what we instruct you are doing and will do.
5 And may the lord direct [g] of you the hearts into the love of god and into the perseverance of Christ.
6 Also we charge you, brothers, in name of lord of us Jesus Christ, to stay away you from all brothers disorderly [h] walking and not according to the handed-down-teachings which they received from us.
7 For yourselves you know how it is necessary to imitate us, because not we acted disorderly [i] among you
8 nor gift bread ate from anyone, but by labor and exertion of night and of day we worked in order not to be a burden to any of you,
9 not that we not have right, but so that ourselves model we might give to you for the purpose to be imitated by you.
10 For even when we were with you, this we taught to you, that if someone not wants to work not he eats.
11 For we hear some behaving among you waywardly [j], nothing working but but meddling [k]
12 And to such people we command and exhort in lord Jesus Christ that working with quiet the of themselves bread they eat.
13 And you, brothers, not must become discouraged doing good.
14 And if someone not obeys the word of you according to the letter, this one you mark not to associate with him, that he might be shamed
15 and not as enemy consider, but admonish as brother.
16 And himself may the lord of peace give you peace through everything in every way. The lord with all of you.
17 The greeting in my hand of Paul, which is sign in every epistle so I write.
18 The grace of the lord of us Jesus Christ with all of you.
v1 – [a] Idiom, Finally,; alt. In the future,. [b] Ext. of original mng., run.
v2 – [c] Alt. perverse, by extension of original meaning out of place.
[d] Fyi, in a weird Greek construct, “of all”, which seems adjectival in form, is probably the intended subject and the noun “faith” is used like an adjective!
v3 – [e] Or the evil one; or the evil man, the wicked.
v4 – [f] Per most translations, that.
v5 – [g] Most lit., make straight in distance and/or time;
v6 – [h] Fyi, has a connotation of not conforming to rules out of self-interest; self-directed, willful.
v7 – [i] Poss. were lazy.
v11 – [j] Or idly. [j] Fyi, meddling could refer either to gossiping (meddling in the affairs of other people) or speculating about philosophy or theology (meddling in the affairs of God).

Quickie Key (Text)

1. Italicized words are implied but not spelled out in the Greek.

2. Words are kept in original order, with rare exceptions.

3. Omissions are not noted and do not affect meaning.

4. Hyphenated terms represent either a single Greek word that must be translated as a phrase in English, or an adjectival phrase that has been moved in front of the noun it modifies (the not-knowing-god Gentiles) or both (the being-left-behind living).

Key (Footnotes)
1. or = indicates an alternate, equally sound translation.
2. alt. = alternately. A reasonable alternate translation, but the one given is slightly more sound.
3. poss. = possibly. A possible translation, but not as sound as the one used.
4. lit. = literal or literally. Used in cases where idiomatic English is used in the text, because it is simply too difficult to glean the meaning from direct translation.
5. by extension = indicates a meaning that is correct and fully understood in Greek and will be found as a meaning in a Greek-Engish lexicon, but was not the original meaning of the word. For example, the original Greek word unseen had been extended to mean unexpected by the time the NT was written.
6. by transfer = identical to “by extension”, but with a greater jump in meaning. Often an abstraction from a more concrete term.
7. most lit. = an older, more literal meaning; used when a Greek extension or transfer is given in the text. The opposite of “by extension/transfer,” i.e. the extended meaning is given in the text.
8. idiom = English meaning of a difficult Greek idiom. I.e. “not not” in Greek means “definitely not” in English. We translate the raw Greek “not not” and indicate the idiomatic meaning by footnote.
9. per ______ = an authority has another primary meaning; generally BDAG, Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament (3d ed.)
10. fyi = for your information; something that the reader might find interesting, not directly relevant to this translation.