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Lyrics to By Thee with Grace

Lyrics to “By Thee with Bliss” By Thee with Bliss

from “The Creation”

Eve (Soprano), Adam (Baritone):
By thee with bliss, O bounteous Lord,
are earth and heaen stored.
This world, so great, so wonderful,
thy mighty hand has framed.

Chorus: O blessed be his holy might;
his praise we sing eternally.

Adam: Thou star of morning,
O how fair thy tidings of the day;
What radiance rare, O sun, is thine,
thou eye and soul of all!

Chorus: Proclaim, in your extended course,
your maker’s power and glory bright!

Eve: And thou, the tender queen of night,
and all ye starry host,
proclaim in every land
his praise in heaven’s harmonies!

Adam: Ye mighty elements,
by his power your endless changes make;
ye misty vapors,
which the wind doth spin and roll through air,

Eve, Adam, Chorus: O sing the praise of God the Lord.
Great is his name, and great his might.

Eve: Soft flowing fountains,
tune his praise, and trees adoring bow.
Ye fragrant plants, ye flowers fair,
with sweetness fill the air!

Adam: Ye that on highest mountains climb,
and ye that lowly creep,
ye whose flight doth cleave the skies,
and ye that swim the deep,

Eve, Adam and Chorus: Ye, ye creatures of our God and King,
praise, praise him, all ye breathing life!

Eve, Adam: Ye shadowed woods, ye hills and vales,
your thanks with ours unite
and echo loud from morn to eve
our joyful hymn of praise

Chorus: Hail, mighty God, Creator, hail!
The world springs forth at thy command.
Adoring earth and heaven stand.
We praise thy name for evermore.

Music by Franz Josef Haydn