Tue, December 05, 2023
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Lyrics to Get Up Get Ready

Lyrics to “Get Up, Get Ready” Get Up, Get Ready

All of heaven’s getting ready, for the last and final call,
Heaven’s choir is all assembled, an invitation to one and all.
We’re waiting with anticipation, it can happen any day,
All in the blink of an eye from the eastern sky we’re gonna hear our savior say:

Get up (get up) get ready
We’re getting ready to go.
Get a move on time cause in a little while, We’ll be going home.
I made up my mind, I’m not wasting time;
The trumpet’s about to blow;
So get up, get ready, we’re getting ready to go

Now don’t you worry about friends and loved ones, who have gone before;
When the Lord comes back with a shout, he’s gonna shake this earthly floor.
The graves are gonna burst wide open and the dead in Christ will rise.
So get up, get ready, we’re getting ready to fly.