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Lyrics to Hes So Wonderful

Lyrics to (He's So) Wonderful (He's So) Wonderful
Sam Cooke (V. Davis and Theodore Frye)

Wonderful, God is so wonderful
He's wonderful, God He's wonderful.

The Lord is my shepherd, He's my guide,
Whenever I need, the Lord will provide,
And praise my Lord's name,
I know He's so wonderful.

And O, He's wonderful and I better believe
The Lord is wonderful, oh yes He is.
And O, He's wonderful, I know the Lord,
He's so wonderful.

And O, if you never tried God, try the Lord one day
And see when my father come down and make a way,
And O, I can't help it but love God,
He's so wonderful, wonderful etc.

He's been my mother and my father too,
There's no limit to what my Lord can do
and O, I love God, He's so wonderful.