Tue, January 31, 2023
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Lyrics to Im Gonna Sing

I'm Gonna' Sing

Chorus: I'm gonna sing just as long as it takes for a song
To make sad, heavy spirits free.
I'm gonna keep making music that carries the secret
That Jesus is liberty.
I'm gonna turn off the sounds that would drag people down
To the pit of despondency.
With the sweet happy tune
He is coming soon
For His children like you and me.

It's a song that'll carry a message along
Through the densest of foggy nights,
And a tune is the rope
That can throw a man hope
When he's going down for the third time.
It's a sweet melody that can cut your heart free
From the chains of a past defeat.
You can suddenly see through the sweet harmony
A path for your wand'ring feet.

Don't tell me the world is a hopeless old place
And I might as well give in
To the doom and gloom-life's a waiting room
For the blow that'll do us all in.
I can't sympathize when before my eyes
Is a hope shining as bright as day.
I gotta follow the song that keeps drawing me on
With my feet dancing all the way.