Fri, December 09, 2022
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Lyrics to Im Too Close to Heaven

Lyrics to “I’m Too Close to Heaven” I’m Too Close to Heaven

I’m too close to Heaven, to my journey's end,
I'm too close to turn back in a world of sin,
I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now,
Just gotta make it to heaven somehow -
Too close to Heaven, I’ve gotta leave this world of strife,
I’ve worked hard, Lord, and I wanna eternal life,
Too close to Heaven, I’m too close to turn around.

I'm so close to heaven, I can almost see His face,
So close to heaven, I love His amazing grace,
Too close, I get a feeling people a-wait for me,
He loved me so, one day He died just for me,
So close, Mother’s waiting over the hill,
And they tell me, Im’a have no more rocks and rills,
Too close, to turn around.

Music and Lyrics by Alex Bradford