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Lyrics to Lord Youre Holy

Lyrics to “Lord You’re Holy” Lord You’re Holy

Lord, You're holy
Lord, You're holy
And we lift You up
And magnify Your name.

As I look around and I see
All the works that Your hands have made,
The awesomeness of You
And how Your love will never fail.
Mere words cannot express what I feel
I can't describe Your glory divine,
But as a token of my love
This is what I'll do:
I lift my hands and cry holy.

There's not enough words that I can say
To tell You how much I appreciate
All the wonderful things You've given me:
Your loving kindness,
Your tender mercies.
It's my desire to praise You
And tell You how much I love You.
You're worthy of all the honor
Lord You're worthy of all the praise.

I don't know how
You can love me
How You could give me
So much mercy.
You didn't have to suffer and die for me
Way back on Calvary.
But I just wanna thank You.
I thank You.
I thank You.
I thank You.

Wonderful, glorious, holy, and righteous,
Victorious, conqueror, triumphant and
Healer, deliverer, shield and defense,
Strong tower and my best friend.
Omnipotent, omnipresent,
Soon coming king,
Alpha, omega, lord of everything
Holy, holy, holy is Your name.

Music and Lyrics by Eddie James