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Lyrics to Make Room

Lyrics to “Make Room in Your Heart” Make Room in Your Heart

The family hiding from the storm
Found no place at the keeper’s door;
It was for this a Child was born
To save a world so cold and hollow.
The sleeping town did not know
That, lying in a manger low,
A Savior King who had no home
Has come to heal our sorrows.

Is there room in your heart, (3x)
For God to write His story?
You can come as you are,
But it may set you apart,
When you make room in your heart
And trade your dreams for His glory.
Make room in your heart.
Make room in your heart.

Shepherds counting sheep in the night,
Do not fear the glory light;
You are precious in His sight.
God has come to raise the lowly.

Mother holds the Promise tight—
Every wrong will be made right.
The road is straight and the burden’s light,
For in His hands He holds tomorrow

Music and Lyrics by
Matt Maher and Mark Hall