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Lyrics to Mary Dont You Weep Aretha Franklin

Lyrics to Mary Don't You Weep - Aretha Franklin version Mary Don't You Weep - Aretha Franklin version

There are many variations of this traditional song. Aretha Franklin's contains an enormous amount of reptition and ad libbing of both words and music.

Oh Mary don't you weep
Oh Martha don't you moan
Pharaoh's Army
All of them men got drowned in the sea one day.

Now if I could
If I could I surly would
I'd stand right up on the rock
I'd stand right where Moses stood.

Pharaoh's army
I know you know that story of
how they got drowned in the sea one day, oh yeah.

We gonna review the story of two sisters
Called Mary and Martha
They had a brother
Named Lazarus.

Their dear ol' brother died,
Well now Mary went running to Jesus
She said, "Master,
"Oh if you had've been here my brother wouldn't have died!"

Jesus said, "come on and show me, show
me where you, show me where you buried
him, show me where you laid him down!"

And when he got there, Jesus said,
"For the benefit of you who don't believe,
I'm gone call this creature, oh yes I am!

He said "Lazarus,
Hear my Hear my voice! Lazarus!
He got up walking like a natural man,
oh yes he did! Jesus said,
"Now now now,
Go on home and don't you and your sister moan.
Tell Martha not to moan.