Thu, September 28, 2023
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Lyrics to Oh My Lord What a Time

Lyrics to Oh My Lord, What a Time Oh My Lord, What a Time

Oh my Lord, what a time
Oh my Lord, what a time
From this ol' world to flee
to live eternally
Oh my Lord, what a time

In that fair land
there will be no more night
no sun or moon
for the Lamb of God is light.
It's good to know
that He's prepared the way
to a bright and endless day.

From this ol' world
(from this ol' world to flee)
We're gonna live
(to live eternally)
With Christ
(with Christ our blessed Lord)
In home on high
(in the heavenly home on high)
We'll shout
We'll sing
We'll walk
We'll talk
We'll shout
And sing
We'll walk
And talk
We'll Shout
and praise His name every day
(every day will be the same)

Oh my Lord
My burden bearer
My help in trouble
My joy in sorrow
My light in darkness
My sword and shield
Oh my Lord, What a time.