Tue, January 31, 2023
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Lyrics to Passover Song

Lyrics to “New Covenant” New Covenant

He said "This is my body," as He held up the bread;
Each time you eat of it, remember
That I was broken for you just like the bread,
My body broken just for you.

And this is my blood, He took the cup and said,
“Each time you drink of it, remember
That it's a token of the blood I shed;
Oh take the cup I bought for you.”

My new covenant I give to you.
Poured out my love so you can live my life.
Always remember that I died for you
When you eat of the bread and drink the wine.

For I am the passover Lamb
No one brought aside.
I came to be the sin offering,
The final sacrifice.

Music and Lyrics by Shira