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Lyrics to Peace in the Storm Hopper

Lyrics to “Peace in the Midst of the Storm” Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Even though the winds aren't still
And the waves continue tossing me,
From the storm I call His name
For relief from things distressing me.
Now so quietly it comes
Strength to find my course again;
Though He does so much for me
His sweetest gift will always be,

Peace in the midst of the storm.
Peace in the midst of the storm.
I cry to Him for mercy
And His great love takes the form
Of peace in the midst of the storm.

What tomorrows hold, will they hold
Joy and sadness coming day by day?
But I will not be afraid,
Though I know some storms
will come my way.
Let my enemy be sure;
I will not be lost at sea.
There will never come a time
That with prayer l cannot find.