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Lyrics to Three Wooden Crosses

Lyrics to “Three Wooden Crosses” Three Wooden Crosses

A farmer and a teacher, a hooker and a preacher,
Ridin’ on a midnight bus bound for Mexico.
One’s headed for vacation, one for higher education,
And two of them were searchin’ for lost souls.
That driver never ever saw the stop sign
And eighteen wheelers can’t stop on a dime.

There are three wooden crosses on the right side of the highway;
Why there’s not four of them, Heaven only knows.
I guess it’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you,
It’s what you leave behind you when you go.

That farmer left a harvest, a home and eighty acres,
The faith and love for growin’ things in his young son’s heart;
And that teacher left her wisdom in the minds of lots of children,
Did her best to give ’em all a better start.
And that preacher whispered, "Can’t you see the Promised Land?"
As he laid his blood-stained bible in that hooker’s hand.

That’s the story that our preacher told last Sunday
As he held that blood-stained bible up
For all of us to see.
He said "Bless the farmer, and the teacher, and the preacher
Who gave this Bible to my mama
Who read it to me."

Music and Lyrics by Kim Williams
and Doug Johnson