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Lyrics to When-i-wake-up-in-glory

Lyrics to When I Wake Up in Glory (Gaithers) When I Wake Up in Glory (Gaither version)

When I wake up in glory,
And to Jesus I'll sing redemption story.
Oh, I shall see Him, blessed be,
He who has bought me to be free.
When I wake up,
Yes, in glory by and by.

I shall go some sweet day,
And from earth shall pass away,
And my soul shall reach a better land.
Oh my soul shall be free,
And the Host shall reveal,
And the King Eternal shall understand.

When my weary eyes I close,
And I've sunk to sweet repose,
Singing Hallelujah, Hallelujah, and I know;
All my sorrows will be past,
As with sinners they will pass,
And I'll leave all my troubles here below.