He Came Down to My Level

He came down to my level
When I couldn't get up to His
With a strong arm He lifted me up
To show me what livin' is
He'll come down to your level if you'll open up the door
He wants to make your life worth livin'
That's what he came down for.

If you're lookin' for contentment
In the things that you can see
You're gonna have some disappointment
So won't you listen to me please
'Cause I know about a Savior
He came down to be a man
And when He left He sent His Spirit
He made me everything to me.

Sometimes I make decisions
That later I regret
But the Lord keep assuring me
He's not finished with me yet
I don't worry about tomorrow
I don't worry about yesterday
I don't worry about this crazy world
'Cause I Found a better way.