(He's So) Wonderful
Sam Cooke (V. Davis and Theodore Frye)

Wonderful, God is so wonderful
He's wonderful, God He's wonderful.

The Lord is my shepherd, He's my guide,
Whenever I need, the Lord will provide,
And praise my Lord's name,
I know He's so wonderful.

And O, He's wonderful and I better believe
The Lord is wonderful, oh yes He is.
And O, He's wonderful, I know the Lord,
He's so wonderful.

And O, if you never tried God, try the Lord one day
And see when my father come down and make a way,
And O, I can't help it but love God,
He's so wonderful, wonderful etc.

He's been my mother and my father too,
There's no limit to what my Lord can do
and O, I love God, He's so wonderful.