Hold On

Sometimes I feel afraid and seem to be blinded.
By what I can't see and what lies before me.
Then Jesus comes, and he says,
“My child I'm here, hold on.”

When the dark night comes around,
And loneliness and emptiness invade my heart,
And there's no one to guide me,
Jesus comes, and he says, “my child, hold on”.

Hold on through the dark side,
Hold on though the week is too long,
My grace is a vision for thee.
He can take your life
And mold it into something new,
He took nothing,
and made something out of my life.

It's yours to control,
I give you my heart and my soul,
I'll take your will, never mine,
With treasure to find.
Give wisdom to choices I make
Along every path that I take,
So that when I complete my day,
“Well done,” you will say.