Jesus Gave Me Water

Oh, Jesus gave me water,[3x]
I want to let His praises swell.
Jesus gave me water,[3x]
and it was not in the well.

There was a woman from Samaria
came to the well to get some water.
There she met a stranger who did a story tell.
That woman dropped her pitcher,
her drinking was made richer
from the water He gave her
and it was not in the well.

On that woman He took pity,
she ran back to the city
crying, "Glory, Hallelujah!"
and did His wonders tell.
She left my Savior singing,
she came back to Him bringing
the time she had her water, Lord,
and it was not in the well.

Lord, that woman left Him shoutin,
there was no room for doubtin
that she had made her Savior
who did His wonders tell.
Every time shed doubt Him,
she’d start to think about Him -
the man who gave her water, Lord,’ and it was not in the well.’

Music and lyrics by Lucie E. Campbell