O God Do Thou Sustain Me

O God, do Thou sustain me,
In grief and sore duress
Pride counter which disdains Thee
And comfort my distress.
O Lord let me find mercy
In bonds and prison bed
Men would seek to devour me
With guile and controversy
Save me from danger dread!

Thou wilt never forsake me
This firmly I believe
Thy blood Thou hast shed freely
And with it washed me.
Therein my trust is resting
In Christ, God's only Son
On him I am now building
In tribulation trusting
God will me not disown!

To die and to be living
Until my end I see
To Thee my trust I'm giving
Thou wilt my helper be
Soul, body, child companion
Herewith commit I Thee
Come soon, Lord, come and take me
From ruthless men do save me
Be honour ever to Thee.

Music and words by Leonhart Sommer (1570)