O Maicuta Sfanta (Romanian)

1. O, Maicuta Sfanta
O Holy Mother
Te rugam fierbinte,
Please in your devout passion
Sa ne-asculti de-a pururi
Forever hear our
Marea rugaminte:
sea of prayers.


Nu lasa Maicuta,
Do not desert us Holy Mother
Sa pierim pe cale,
To perish on the path
Caci noi suntem fii,
Because we are your children
Lacrimilor Tale.
Because we are your tears.
Maica vino iara
Mother come again
Nu lasa sa piara
Do not let to perish
Tara si poporul
The country and the people
Turma si pastorul.
The flock and the shepherd

2. Cand plangeai sub Cruce
When you wept beneath the Cross
Maica indurerata,
Mother of Sorrows
Te-am primit de Mama
I received from my great mother
Noi si lumea toata.
A path into a new world.

3. Calatori pe marea
Passengers on a torrent
Vesnic inspumata,
Forever foaming
Noi ne-am pus in Tine
We entered a new sea forever
Si nadejdea toata.
with all of our trust in you.

4. Fa sa-ti batem zilnic
Help us to come daily
La miloasa-ti poarta
To your merciful gate
Cata vreme-n lume
As long as in the world
Valuri ne mai poarta.
Waves carry us over.

5. Iar cand nori si ceata
And when clouds and fog
Innegri-vor zarea
Will darken the horizon
Vino tu Maicuta
Come o Holy Mother
Sa ne-arati cararea.
To show us the way.