Rescue Me (Selah)

Deep is the river that I have to cross,
Heavy the weight on my shoulder.
I have discovered how great is the cost
Of trying alone to cross over.
I try and I try but the current's too strong;
It's pulling me under and my strength is gone.
Don't leave me stranded.

Rescue me, my God and my King,
Water is rising and I cannot breathe,
Wrap your arms all around me and
Carry me over (rescue me). . . .

There is a bridge that is easy to cross
While all of our burdens are lifted.
Peace is the land that is waiting for us;
Lord, give me faith to believe it,
Cause I'm in a storm but I'm willing to fight.
I'll overcome and I will not die with You by my side.

I will sail over the oceans and
High over the mountains and
Soar up to the Heavens.
Here is my hand is my heart and my soul and my mind.