Sweet Holy Spirit

Pride is weighing me down.
It's choking my heart.
I'm chained up and bound.
If pride is my prison,
Then Grace be my key;
Sweet Holy Spirit
Come rescue me.

Spirit Spirit I surrender.
Spirit Spirit I submit to you now.
Spirit Spirit I surrender.
Spirit sweet Holy Spirit.

You know for so long I was a drowning man,
I was hopeless and lost at sea yes I was;
But Lord you threw me a line,
Brought me back to your shore;
Now I can feel the light from your lighthouse,
Shining down on me yes I can.

Worry oh what can I say?
I've worried so much
I forget how to pray.
Well I'm down on my knees,
And this is coming from my soul:
Sweet Holy Spirit
Come make me whole.

Words and Music by Newworldson