There is Hope (Ball Brothers)

Everybody stumbles,
Everybody fumbles the ball sometimes;
You're not the only person
Who's been let down and left behind.

So pick yourself up off the ground,
I've been there and I have found:

There is hope,
In the middle of the night,
Hope in the middle of the fight.
The battle ain't over
If it's only just begun.
Where there's will
You're gonna' find a way,
Tomorrow will be another day,
Keep hanging on at the end of your rope,
There is hope.

Even in the darkness,
It only takes a tiny spark to start a fire.
If you miss a target
Take another shot
And aim a little higher.

When life kicks you off Easy Street
You might not always land on your feet.

So if you believe
Just roll up your sleeves,
Doesn't have to be the end,

You are strong in love,
So this world plays tough;
You can rise above and win.