Wave After Wave

Wave after wave rolls on,
And the water falls,
And the line is drawn.

Wave after wave rolls in,
And the line is gone
Where my feet have been.

Hills that I know are there,
Hidden from my view
By the misty air.

Light shining through the grey
Turns the water deep
Shades of lilac blue.

Music in every sound,
Light beyond each cloud,
Hope in every dream.

Songs like a healing breeze,
Every breath inhale,
And the goodness feel.

I witness the power,
Great mystery telling.
In every moment
With every swelling wave,
I feel the depth of your love
And devotion,
My heart like the bird
That dives into this ocean blue.

Lanes that have brought me here,
Framed in season flowers,
Lined in summer green.

Rise from the bird above
From the flower below
In a song of love.

Music and Lyrics by: Frank T. van Essen
Dave Bainbridge
Troy Donockley