When I Lay Down (Janis Ian)

They said lay down in the water
Even though you don’t believe
All your sins will be forgiven
And your soul will be redeemed.
So I walked into the water
And I fell down to my knees
And I took out some insurance
And I bought a little peace.

Chorus: But when I lay down, I lied.
When I lay down, I lied.

He said - darling do you love me
And I said - sure I do
And I led him to believe me
As I proved that it was true.
Well I let my body love him
God knows I really tried
And the comfort of it touched him
And his heart was satisfied.

…to make them happy
And I lied so they would care
I lied ‘cause I was lonely
And I lied ‘cause I was scared.
I lied so some would leave me
And I lied so some would stay
I lied until I lied my life away.

I dreamed my life was over
And they laid me in my grave.
I was frightened of forever
And the price I’d have to pay.
And I thought that God would hate me
‘cause I’d lived my life in sin
But I felt the truth embrace me
As heaven let me in.

And when I lay down
I lay down and cried.