Zion and Babylon

Oh great mammon of form and function,
Careless consumerist consumption,
Dangerous dysfunction
Disguised as expensive taste.
I’m a people disgraced
By what I claim I need,
And what I want to waste.
I take no account for nothing
If it’s not mine.

It’s a misappropriation of funds
Protect my ninety percent with my guns
Whose side am I on?
Well who’s winning?

My kingdom’s built with the blood of slaves,
Orphans, widows, and homeless graves.
I sold their souls just to build my private mansion.

Some people say that my time is coming,
Kingdom come is the justice running,
Down, down, down on me.

I’m a poor child, I’m a lost son,
I refuse to give my love to anyone,
Fight for the truth,
Or help the weaker ones,
Because I love my Babylon.

I am a slave, I was never free.
I betrayed you for blood money.
Oh I bought the world, all is vanity,
Oh my Lord I’m your enemy.

Come to me, and find your life.
Children sing, Zion’s in sight.
I said don’t trade your name for a serial number -
Priceless lives were born from under graves
Where I found you.
Say, my name ain’t yours and yours is not mine
Mine is the Lord, and yours is my child.
That’s how it’s always been.

Time to make a change
Leave your home
Give to the poor all that you own.
Lose your life, so that you could find it.
First will be last when the true world comes,
Livin’ like a humble fool to overcome,
The upside-down wisdom
Of a dying world.
Zion’s not built with hands,
And in this place God will dwell with man,
Sick be healed and cripples stand
Sing Allelu.

My kingdom’s built with the blood of my son,
Selfless sacrifice for everyone,
Faith, hope, love, and harmony.
I said let this world know me by your love.
By your love.

Oh my child, my daughters and my sons
I made you in love to overcome,
Free as a bird, my flowers in the sun
On your way to Mount Zion.
All you slaves, be set free;
Come on out child and come on home to me.
We will dance, we will rejoice,
If you can hear me then follow my voice.

Music and Lyrics by Josh Garrels