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Daily Prayer is volunteer publication of Daily Prayer Ministries, Inc., a nondenominational ministry dedicated to the glory of Jesus Christ. Please consider a donation to help keep Daily Prayer online and spread the word of God. (Tax deductible in the U.S. and possibly elsewhere.)

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About Daily Prayer

Daily Devotion

If you want to follow God’s will, read the Bible every day. Our moral lives and our salvation depend upon knowing God’s word, and we cannot know it unless we read it.

Our primary service is a short daily devotional, which always includes an important Bible verse, that you will enjoy reading and which will raise your spirits for the entire day. It is accessible anywhere you have access to the internet: Starbucks, an airport, or sitting at your desk at work. It is not only a wonderful way to start the day, but also keeps our memory refreshed about exactly what the Bible says. There are two versions, one for the daytime and one for the evening.

We are sometimes asked about which denomination Daily Prayer is affiliated with, or which Bible translation we use. The Daily Devotion takes prayers from all mainstream Christian denominations and uses a wide variety of Bible translations. It is our aim to emphasize the common beliefs of all persons who profess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and to set aside differences. Our aim is to make the contents of this page comfortable and non-controversial for people of all denominations.

Although the Editor of Daily Prayer is a mainstream Protestant, we assiduously avoid taking any stand on theological issues that divide Protestants, Catholics, Mormons, Orthodox believers, etc. The purpose of Daily Prayer is to provide a devotional home for any person who confesses Jesus Christ as his or her personal savior and believes that the Bible is the Word of God.

We also assiduosly avoid politics, and in fact, take the stand that politics have no place in churches. If you disagree, I hope you will read what we have to say and take it into consideration.

Short Daily Prayers Online

Christ told us, "Pray without ceasing." It is so important to say a prayer or two in the morning, to put God in our minds (and hearts) before we meet the challenges of the day. The online daily devotion is intended to help out, by including several short Christian prayers of general application, appropriate to the start of your day.

Every Daily Devotion (which changes each day) also includes beautiful and inspirational artwork and music, which most of our readers love. The centerpiece of the page is Bible study. We usually will read completely through a book of the Bible in small chunks, and sometimes two different books on alternating days, especially if one of them is from the Old Testament.

Bible Quiz

There is a new Bible Quiz every day, consisting of 12 questions, at least one or two of which are taken from that day's Scripture reading (or something else in the devotional). Your scores are recorded and you can see them for up to a year. There are also 200 other quizzes ranked Easy, Medium and Hard; you can take as many as you like, but only one score is recorded per day. Be careful -- the "Hard" quizzes are hard!

Although the quiz is fun (and we do post the high scores each day), it is meant primarily as a learning tool. Generally, some explanation is given for each question.

Memory Verses

We print an especially famous inspiring “Memory Verse” for seven days at a time. The idea is that we memorize this verse together, so that we will slowly build our store of Bible verses that we know by heart.

Christian Inspiration

In addition to online daily prayers and online daily Bible readings, each Daily Devotion is linked to a separate “Daily Inspiration.” Sometimes the Bible study can get technical or proscriptive, and eveyone needs inspiration and a message of hope and joy, every day. We can use all the inspiration we can get!

There is a separate page of online evening prayers. Finally, we try to maintain a list of short Daily Bible Readings online, together with any commentary, for reference.

Important -- Please Read

The first time you look at the Morning Devotional, your browser will ask you if you will let dailyprayer.us set a cookie. Please check the box that says "allow all cookies from this site". The only information we store is information about your preferences and which lesson to present. We do not share information we gather with anyone, ever, and we do not send out emails. No financial data is requested or allowed on our server. If people want to donate online, we step back and redirect them to the super-secure PayPal site.


We would really appreciate your comments, including specific problem spots. You can also send us a private message; just click the Contact Daily Prayer link on any page. We appreciate all input, comments, and criticism — no matter how harsh!

Bible Quiz

We have recently implemented a Bible Quiz (actually, there are a few questions on more general Christian subjects, so be on your toes!). There is a Daily Quiz that changes every day, and usually has at least a few questions relating to the day's Christian devotional. If you have registered, you can keep track of your scores. Although you can only take each Daily Quiz once, you can take a random Bible quiz as often as you want, and can choose between "easy", "medium" and "hard" difficulty. But beware, the hard questions are really hard!

Other Features

There are a number of features accessible from the top navigation. We have an online Bible in four versions and are gradually adding new versions and upgrades. There is a three-month calendar that will lead you to the devotionals for other days. There is a list of all lessons, identified by the Bible verse. There are maps of Israel that we occasionally refer to. There is a section that contains a number of prayers for different occasion, and a collection of blessings to say before meals.

Registration for Daily Prayer Online

You can register as a Daily Prayer member for free. This will allow you to read, post and edit public comments on the prayers, Bible verse, and any other feature of the site. But there is no need to register or log in - the basic Daily Devotion and most features are available to the public.

Type Size

You can make the type size smaller or larger by clicking the "Font Size" box in the center at the top of the page. You can also change the font. A cookie will remember your preference, so that you don't have to change it every day. You can also use your browser to make type larger or smaller - click "View" in the top menu and then click "Zoom"; although the effect is not completely predictable, this will usually work, making type larger or smaller on most web pages.

Daily Prayer Online is free and non-profit, but we have expenses to pay, so please don't be offended by any advertising. I promise, we aren't making any money off this.

Privacy Policy

We do not share any information about registered members with anyone for any reason. Of course, in the unlikely event a court of competent jurisdiction orders us to disclose information, we would be required by law to do so.

There is one exception, and that is that Google will gather information about the sites you visit and use it to display advertising appropriate to your interests. We use Google Analytics and allow them to use this feature, which we think most people find helpful. Visitors can opt out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize Google Display Network ads using Google’s Ads Settings feature.