Thu, June 13, 2024

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Bible Quiz for Thu, June 13, 2024

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Note: The Easy, Medium and Hard categories may have several questions from other categories relating to today's Scripture.

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Please Read

The Daily Quiz is not intended to be a test, but a learning tool. Hopefully when you miss a question, you will go back and read the passage in your Bible. Usually, we try to put a couple of questions from the day's Daily Devotional in the quiz.

No peeking! We publish the high score, so you're on your honor not to look up the answers.

We will keep a record of your scores for you. Only you have access to these (except we try to mention the high score each day).

You can only take the "Daily Quiz" once per day; however, if you enjoy taking quizzes, you can take a general quiz in one of the three categories as often as you like, just for fun. (Your first test each day is the one recorded, so we suggest that you take the Daily Quiz first.)

Although this is titled "Bible Quiz" in some places, it includes some more general questions about Christianity and religion, such as Apocryphal and other prominent non-scriptural writings, famous Christians, hymns, etc., just to spice things up a bit.