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December 1, 2013

He Has Done It

To Him, indeed, shall all who sleep in the earth bow down; before Him shall bow all who go down to the dust, and I shall live for Him. Posterity will serve Him; future generations will be told about the Lord, and proclaim His deliverance to a people yet unborn, saying that He has done it.

~ Psalm 22:29-31

This is a message to us from David. We have been given the full message of redemption through Jesus Christ. We live for Him, we bow down before Him, and we deliver this message to the world. We proclaim a rightful relationship with God the Father because He delivered us from sin. We spread this message to our children and grandchildren, and the same message will be told to all future generations. There is only one true God, and His plan of atonement was given only one time, by one man, for one and all. He has done it!

In Nehemiah 9:6, Ezra said this about God, You are the Lord, you alone; you have made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. To all of them you give life, and the host of heaven worships you. Joel, Hosea, and Isaiah all proclaimed that there is only one God, and He alone should be worshipped. John, Mark, Timothy, and Paul gave their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls to this authentic, perfect, indubitable King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He has done it!

This one true and only God, the creator of heaven and earth and all that is in it, is also the one who fulfilled His perfect plan to reclaim fellowship with the human race. We had fallen away by the snare of sinful desires planted by Satan. But all things changed at the pinnacle of time when He gave His Son, Jesus Christ, to take our punishment upon Himself. He has done it!

All of history altered when God reversed sin’s sickness to bring us to health and wholeness. We have been given the story in its entirety, even though there is still work to be done. Our job is to rejoice each day in the glory of it all, proclaim our deliverance to all, and worship our All-In-All, The One and only God, saying, “He has done it! He has done it! Praise God Almighty, He has done it!”

To the one and only God, I give all glory and honor for only You alone are worthy of all my praise. In Christ Jesus I pray, Amen.

~ Jenny Calvert

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