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January 4, 2014


Those greedy people brag about the things they want to get. They curse the Lord and show that they hate him.

~ Psalms 10:3

The noun greed, simply defined as a selfish desire, could very well be the title of each of us. Usually greed refers to money, power, or food, but it can be applicable to many things. Unfortunately, greed can be seen at a very young age when a child’s beginning vocabulary starts with the word, “Mine!” I have seen the intrinsic behavior of a child gathering all the classroom toys his or her little hands can hold with a daring glare to warn others not to touch. The parents in stern but controlled tones say, “Be nice and share!”, but they, too, are guilty of greed, just in a more concealed manner.

Christians are not exempt from greed. We have given our hearts to Jesus Christ in belief, and we become greedy with our status in Him. As we deem that we have risen in the morality and piety realm, our thoughts become, “Perhaps I am just a little better than other people, especially those who do not rise to my righteous expectations.”

We give little pins as badges of honor to those who attend church with perfect attendance. We give trophies to those who memorize scriptures and creeds. We have given the seats of honor to those who place more money in the offering plate. We place on a pedestal and dress in fancy robes and stoles those who have studied religious material. We might actually set up our churches with a tendency of flaming the fire of greedy religiosity. Our thinking may become, “I have a good thing going here; I want to keep this secret recipe status to myself.” We may be duped into believing that our earthly trophies may coincide with our heavenly trophies.

Exactly how can we as Christians greedily devour God in our hearts to the point that He develops in us an innate outward response to all people? It would be like turning a balloon inside out. Our focus would change from us to others. Our hearts would convert from a desire of internal filling to external giving. In truth, we would actually expand in our love for Christ, in our growing of the Holy Spirit, and in our knowledge and understanding, by the outpouring of ourselves to others. Christ would turn our greed for Him into the greed of love for all mankind. Is it possible to turn greed outward? We may be too greedy to ever really know, but through Christ all things are possible.

Dear Lord Jesus, Forgive me of my greed. Help me to give as you gave, to love as you loved, and to forgive as you forgave. In Christ Jesus I pray, Amen.

~ Jenny Calvert

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