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September 27, 2014


“[The Lord] shows favor to the
humble . . . .”

~ Proverbs 3:34

Dr. Charles Stanley wrote: “Humility in the life of the believer is the mark of greatness--not because you shine when you are humbled, but because when you submit to God's will, He shines through you.”

The Amish culture differs from that of most of the people in the United States. They live a lifestyle that is still based on the 1800's, and a strict interpretation of the Bible. Their life is modest and unpretentious. Many do not use electricity in their homes and barns. The lights are usually gas, although some of the more “modern” Amish families are beginning to use alternative energy such as “off-grid” solar.

They are often self-supporting farmers. It is common to see four draft horses pulling equipment to work the fields. They grow and raise their own food.

Bruce Stambaugh wrote that “Amish really don't rely on what people outside their communities think about them. Humility is also an important trait in their culture.” That is the main reason they ask that you do not take their pictures.

The men and women wear clothing that is mostly handmade. The women wear long dresses, and wear no makeup. They have long hair and fit it underneath their caps and/or bonnets.

The men and boys usually have the same hairstyle and they have their hair cut at home. The men do not cut their beards. All of these actions are meant to obey the Bible and reflect humility.

Our culture does not mind having our picture taken, in fact, the “selfie” picture is very popular right now with many people.

Instead of our culture dressing in a modest dress style, a lot of money is spent purchasing the latest fashions. In place of long dresses the current hemline becomes important which generally requires updating the wardrobe to emulate others so that one is considered “in”.

I am not suggesting that our society move back to the 1800's lifestyle and join the Amish. While the Amish provide us with good examples of humility, there are other ways for believers to live the biblical traditional way of life that are less radical, but reveal humility.

For example: how about the issue of time? Instead of going to the latest movies or watching the popular TV shows that really are not of interest to you, why not use that slot of time to study God's Word or to do good deeds in His name.

In making decisions as God's holy people, believers should become more inner-directed to please God, rather than outer-directed to please society, so the light of Jesus Christ will shine from within us, and unknowingly, “genuine” humility will be reflected in the words spoken, and deeds performed.

Charles R. Swindoll said, “When it is genuine, humility becomes a conduit for the power of God.”

Lord God, thank You for showing us in Your Word how to submit to Your Will so as individuals, our way of life will reflect true and pure humility. Amen.

~ Ann Brock Ludington

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