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January 31, 2015
Billy Graham

Be Alert To Several Layers Of Lite

“Stay alert and be clearheaded.”

~1 Thessalonians 5:6b

In today's society there are several layers of lite, both positive and negative. To name a few: lite soft drinks; lite meals; lite friendships; and lite automobiles and trucks. In addition, Christians today are experiencing a very serious lite that is becoming more prevalent, it is the watered down biblical teachings in countless seminaries, numerous churches, Bible studies, and a number of the newer translations of the Bible.

Reverend Franklin Graham stated: “Christianity is constantly under siege from the halls of government and education, which seek to suppress any public expressions of faith. In places like Europe...Christianity has been in decline as the deceptive forces of secularism and materialism have spread across the continent...I'm concerned that America is not far behind...”.

Pope Frances recently said there is “...a culture of rejection (of God)”, and “...this spawns violence” and “death and societal breakdown”.

God's people need to be familiar with biblical teaching, and become more observant to recognize the popularized watered down biblical teachings. Newer translations of the Bible are being rewritten to twist God's Word for homogenized teachings. Various Bible studies are revised to become less scholarly and more simplistic. These changes are often so subtle that they simply go unnoticed by many!

Paul, a great apostle to the Gentiles was an excellent example of a person standing true to God's teachings first and always. God did not waste any part of Paul--his background; training; citizenship; mind; or even weaknesses. He wrote straightforward and sincere letters to the churches. He taught the Bible with integrity, and Christ was always the center of his message. In Galatians (1:6-7) he warned people to not follow “a different way that pretends to be the Good News but is not the Good News at all”. He told them they were “being fooled by those who deliberately twist the truth concerning Christ”. He was never afraid to face an issue head-on and deal with it.(NLT)

The apostles' teachings were certainly not layers of lite weight or simplistic. Jim Cymbala wrote: “The apostles prayed for God to do supernatural things. They wanted people to know their belief was more than positional or theoretical. There was power in this faith. They wanted a faith that was obviously alive, a faith based not just on the cross but also on the empty tomb”. The apostles asked God to “stretch out your hand--work with us in this”. Cymbala made it clear in his writing that he was not “advocating melodrama or theatrics that work up emotion”, but that he is “in favor, as were the apostles, of asking God to stretch out His hand and manifest Himself”.

Christians stay alert! Constantly scrutinize the doctrine that is being taught to be sure it lines up correctly with God's Word. When purchasing a new Bible do a check of the Scriptures to be certain they are not twisted in meaning or deleted.

Wherever God's Word is consistently taught and monitored, there is a society that lives under His hand of protection...and that is not lite.

Lord God, thank You for Your hand of protection. Amen.

~ Ann Brock Ludington

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