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February 21, 2015
Psalm 34:18

God Is Inspirational

“As for me, I will call upon God, and the Lord will save me.”

~ Psalm 55:16

Does your life ever present disappointments, challenges, loneliness, or feelings of hopelessness? Does your heart hurt because of a situation that you cannot foresee a solution, and you have lost the hope for a happy ending?

Let's explore some thought-provoking examples on how to be filled with overflowing hope when your “heart is breaking” or you are “lonely” or “deeply discouraged”.

A Canadian preacher, theologian, and author Albert Benjamin Simpson gave the following illustration to give people a little clearer understanding regarding being filled with overflowing hope. The illustration is about a corked bottle in the ocean. First you take the cork out of the bottle and sink it in the ocean. When you do that, the bottle is completely filled with the ocean. The result is the ocean is in the bottle, and the bottle is surrounded by the ocean. Interestingly enough, the bottle contains only a little of the ocean, however the ocean contains the whole bottle. If you leave the cork in the bottle, it will bob around on the ocean. The bottle is completely surrounded by the ocean; but the bottle cannot be filled with it because of the cork. So, how does this illustration relate to your hopelessness?

To find hope you need to be similar to the bottle when it is uncorked and filled with the ocean. You need to be filled up and surrounded with God's Word by reading the biblical accounts of God's love and goodness. Only when you begin to yield to the competent and majestic God can you find the peace that allows you to respond with hope to the challenge(s) in your life.

The sons of Korah wrote Psalm 42 and 43. In them the writer describes the emotions that were experienced at that time because they were exiled to a place far from Jerusalem and could not worship in the Temple (NLT).

In the above mentioned Psalms notice that the writer would become hopeful by remembering God's “kindness”, and “unfailing love”. Every night they would “sing His songs”, and “pray” to Him. When he shifted his focus to God's promises, even though his circumstances didn't seem to change, his attitude did. He remembered God's faithfulness in the past and trusted Him with the future. His only hope was placed in God and not in the situation.

As God's people He knows our sorrows and He gives solace. He gives rest to the weary. For loneliness, He is a constant companion. He turns disappointments into anticipations. He provides encouragement when there is suffering.

Writer Helen Steiner Rice wrote: “...But, if we search His promises--We'll find everything that's needed--To lift our faltering spirits--And renew our courage, too,--For there's absolutely nothing--Too much for God to do--So cast your burden on Him,--Seek His counsel when distressed,--And go to Him for comfort--When you're lonely and oppressed--For God is our encouragement--In trouble and in trials,--And in suffering and in sorrow--He will turn our tears to smiles.”

Lord God, thank You for giving us comfort and hope. Help us to turn to Your Word when all things seem bleak and full of despair. Amen.

~ Ann Brock Ludington

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