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February 28, 2015
2 Timothy 1:7

F...E...A...R Being Dissolved

“I prayed to the LORD, and He answered me, freeing me from all my fears.”

~Psalm 34:4

Fear is like a dark shadow that creeps upon you. Are you afraid of a spider, snake, sickness, or a driver's exam? Fear can become paralyzing, and your mind quickly moves into a freeze mode.

When I first began flying I experienced real fear. I was a “white knuckle” person because every time the plane creaked or hit an air pocket I knew that it was beginning to tumble downward. When my husband and I began to fly from coast to coast in the United States and Europe, he would bring a Road Atlas to compare the map to the ground below to follow the path of the flight. By refocusing my mind from being fearful to a positive action, the fear of flying was dissolved.

God's people have available a road atlas. It is called the Bible, and it teaches us how to refocus our mind. Open it; meditate; and the F...E...A...R, will be defeated by God's Word. Let's break apart the word fear, and dissipate its power.

F=faithful. God is faithful to His people. In the Psalms, David stated his only way to security and safety was to put His trust in the Lord. God loves you with His faithful love, and it will continue forever. He knows each person so well that He knows their every thought. Meditate upon God's faithfulness and reliable love that is available to you. You can have confident trust in the Lord's goodness.

E=encouragement. God supplies His people with His encouragement, strength, and courage. In Isaiah the LORD states for us to not be afraid. He stated that when you “go through deep waters and great trouble”, He will always be with you and you will “not drown” in your fear. Our God is with you “throughout your lifetime”, because He made you, and He will care for you, and “carry you along and save you”.

A=Almighty. Nothing is impossible for our Almighty God! He is your Father, and you are His sons and daughters. David stated that he knew that the Almighty God was on his side, and since that is so, why should he be afraid.

R=roots. In Jeremiah the Lord said that the people who have put their hope, confidence, and trust in Him are blessed. He compared His people to trees and said, “They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water”. To find strength to face your fear, plant your roots deeply into the flowing river of God's Word to experience His wisdom and love.

Our Almighty God is able to do anything, and He is always there for us! As you continually place your trust in Him, expect Him to break up the fear. Meditate upon the reliable promises of our Almighty God, because He is dependable and faithful. Allow your spiritual roots to grow deeply into His Word where you will remain in the “secret place of the Most High”. It is there that you will be encouraged and protected, “under the shadow of His wings”, plus your fear will quickly dissolve.

Lord God, thank You for Your dependable protection. Help us to always seek You to remove our fear. Amen.

~ Ann Brock Ludington

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