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April 16, 2015

Reach Out
and Touch Someone's Life

“Then He touched their eyes and said, Because of your faith, it will happen. And suddenly they could see!”

~Matthew 9:29-30a

How long has it been since you reached out and touched someone's life, especially someone whom you did not know?

An example of reaching out and touching a total stranger's life is given by Gwen Smith, who is speaker and co-founder of the “Girlfriends in God” website. She recently wrote about her personal experience at an airport. To summarize the experience it went like this: after attending a conference, she arrived early at the airport, which was not the normal pattern for her.

As she headed to her gate number B21, because of hunger, she went in a restaurant to eat. A server named Bria greeted her. When Bria served the drink, Gwen “told her that (she) would be praying (before the) meal and asked (Bria) if there was anything (she) could pray for her about”. Bria replied, “Yes!” With tears in her eyes she explained that her husband had a “court date” that week and they really needed prayer.

After the meal, Bria said, “THIS MORNING I prayed and asked God to send me a sign. Thank you so much”. Gwen told her that “the Lord surely wants her to know that she is loved and that He is listening”. Goodbyes were said, and they knew they had experienced God.

Gwen hurried off to gate B21. When she arrived at the gate, and upon rechecking her ticket, she discovered that her gate was not B21, but D21. D21 was in a completely different terminal! Gwen knew right away why she looked incorrectly at her ticket. She quickly ran back to the restaurant to find Bria. “Bria! Just wanted to let you know that my gate is D21. For some reason I thought I was flying out of B21. You're the reason. God really DID send me to be your sign. He's listening.” Because of Gwen's willingness to reach out and touch a stranger's life, God was glorified, and Bria's spiritual life was revitalized.

Jesus reached out and touched many people's lives, not only emotionally, but also physically during His ministry. For example, He physically touched an untouchable; a man with leprosy. Lepers in those days were hated by others. They were thought to be unclean, and Jesus touched him, and healed him. William Barclay stated: “...the very essence of Christianity to touch the untouchable, to love the unlovable, to forgive the unforgivable, Jesus did--and so must we”.

I am not encouraging unrestrained touching, however there are many ways to reach out and touch a person's life in order to glorify God. An unknown writer stated: “You are writing a gospel, A chapter each day, By deeds that you do, By words, that you say. Men read what you write, Whether faithless or true, Say! What is the gospel according to YOU?”

As God's people reach out and touch lives, encourage others to take the same initiative. Why not reach out to a lonely person by the simple gesture of a smile; pass on God's encouraging Word to a discouraged person; and cultivate a willingness to be used by God, in any way He might nudge you to do so. Who are you going to reach out and touch their life today? Ask God to show you someone!

Lord God, thank You for reaching out and touching our lives with Your love. Amen.

~ Ann Brock Ludington

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