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June 3, 2015

Dazzling Sparkling Gemstones

“He showed me the holy city, Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God. It was filled with the glory of God and sparkled like a precious gem, crystal clear like jasper.”

~Revelation 21:10b-11

Diamond cutting is the practice of changing a diamond from a rough stone into a faceted gem. A gemcutter, is a person who cuts, shapes, and polishes natural and synthetic gemstone. It requires specialized knowledge, tools, equipment, and techniques because of its extreme difficulty. Diamond cutting is concentrated in a few cities around the world with the main trading centers being in Antwerp, Tel Aviv, and Dubai. Almost half of the roughs are sent to processing centers in India and China. (Wikipedia)

According to the website: www.allaboutgemstones.com, in 1375 the first guild of diamond cutters and polishers was formed in Nuremberg, Germany. The “point cut” was a major advancement during the latter half of the 14th century. It follows the natural shape of an octahedron shaped raw diamond, eliminating waste in the cutting process.

The diamond that is among the most famous in the world today is the Hope diamond. According the website: www.si.edu.Encyclopedia the current name is derived from an entry in the “gem collection catalog of the well-known Henry Philip Hope”. It is currently housed in the “Smithsonian Natural History Museum” in the USA. The diamond is 45.42 carats and is dark blue in color. For history buffs the diamond has historical value connected to it, and according to a legend which dates back to its Indian heritage it contains a curse to its owners.

Precious stones are recorded numerous times in the Bible. For example in the Old Testament Egypt was overwhelmed with riches at the time of the Israelite exodus. When they were leaving they followed God's commandment of soliciting their neighbor, the Egyptians, for jewels and other articles (Exodus 3:22 AMP). Later in Exodus (28:18) God commanded that the “emerald, sapphire, and diamond (so called at that time)” were to be placed on the second row of the clothing of the Priests.

In the Book of Revelation the apostle John stated he saw a new heaven and a new earth as the old earth had disappeared. The holy city (Jerusalem) descended out of heaven from God, and in the explanation of the New Jerusalem, he used a variety of precious gemstones for his stunning descriptions (Revelation 21).

In society today, people can be compared to the rough gemstone(s) until they accept Jesus Christ. In direct contrast to the Hope diamond legend, His people are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, and they are loved by God, not cursed. In John, Jesus said: “I have loved you even as the Father has loved me”.

God's people hold on to the assurance that He has saved the best for them, and their future holds many blessings. They keep their brilliance burning from within them by continually building upon the foundation of His Word.

Jesus Christ is God's peoples Master “gemcutter”. He needs no special knowledge, equipment, tools, or techniques to gradually reshape and polish His people into being like a faceted sparkling diamond gemstone. His people are a standout, because they bring God's dazzling brilliance into the darkness of the world.

Lord God, thank You for constantly reshaping and polishing us to be a light in the darkness. Amen.

~ Ann Brock Ludington

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