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June 24, 2015
Mark 11:24

Pray With Expectation

“Have faith in God”.

~Mark 11:22

Ann Preston became known as “Holy Ann”. She was a/k/a Saint Ann, and according to the book “The Life Story of Ann Preston Known also as Holy Ann” by Helen E. Bingham, “her saintship did not come by natural generation”.

Later in her life, Preston spent time living in the Bingham household, and “the greater portion of the story was taken down directly from (Ann's) lips”.

Ann Preston was born into an extremely poor family in Ballamacally, Ireland in 1810. She died in Toronto, Canada in 1906. At the time of her death she had become known to thousands of people for her remarkable demonstration of her prayerful life, and faith in God.

Ann became employed by a Dr. Reid whose wife introduced her to Christianity. The Reid family, along with Ann, immigrated to Ontario, Canada.

In the beginning of Ann's faith-life, she was tested often, however, eventually her faith evolved into a deep dependence upon God, with her prayers becoming her central focus. She would often pray out loud about seemingly insignificant things such as: “What am I going to do about supper tonight?”. People began mocking her.

Within a period of time the mocking stopped, and she became a legend, and eventually became known as “Holy Ann”. It was rumored that when she prayed God's Word it would often bring forth God's power and miracles for not only herself, but also for others.

An example is: “The Story Of The Well”. The story went like this: one hot summer the well that supplied the water for the home and cattle went dry. One of the young boys in the household said, “Ann, why don't you ask your Father to send water in that well, and not have us boys work so hard? I was down in the well looking at it to-day, and it is just as dry as the floor”.

That night in her room she knelt in prayer, and said: “My God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus...the boys won't believe I am what I profess to be if you don't send the water in the well.”. She continued her pleading. Rising from her knees, she said: “Now, Father, if I am what I profess to be, there will be water in the well in the morning”. She prayed with expectation.

The next morning, to the surprise of the boy, he “saw Ann take up the two pails and start out for the well”. She was able to pull up from the well “clear, sparkling water, and she walked back to the house”.

For God's people praying with expectation ought to be as important as it was to “Holy Ann”. Why not tell our “Father”, I do not know what to do, but I am looking to You for help. Get into the habit of praying, even if it is only for “what to do about supper tonight”. Know that with God “everything is possible”!

Our Father, thank You for allowing us to communicate with You throughout our day with our prayers. Amen.

~ Ann Brock Ludington

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